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Originally Posted by Dragoon View Post
Hey Zel i found a glitch
when you are in lavender town i accitentily went to the house next to the place where people "pray"
i went in a old man said,"what do you want with me?
i battled him he was way hard i bet him he wanted to show me his special place or something then the game froze
there the glitch
I can ensure you, Zel that this bug is real I have experienced it to, though it's not in the house where people pray, but in this one:

Now some screenies of the event:

Before the battle:

He has a lv 75 HITMONLEE with very wierd moves and a lv 73 STEELIX

After the battle:

Last screen before the game crashes:

Thes images are not edited I can ensure this is real!
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