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    Hay Trillanes, thank gawd I didn't have to go to school the day Bonifacio got the gift he didn't like. All that media arresting, and my Dad's client is ABS! Hay, Pinky Webb...

    Not to sound baduy, but mga tol, I sent a letter to sila Nintendo which said this.

    To Pokemon USA and Nintendo of America:

    I, would like to know if Pokemon Events are going to be held; if ever; in the Philippines. Our Pokemon fans over here are frustrated that they have to go to another country just to get a rare item or Pokemon without ordinary gameplay; and they might not've managed to get it! Sure, I understand Mystery Gift, but will you please hold actual events over here? Don't forget other countries nearby, also don't get their dose of event-only Pokemon. If you can, please contact each other immediately, and hold events over here and with in the other parts of the world.

    I don't want "ask your own distributor" replies. If you can't provide events, please provide away for us to be Mystery Gift-ed without any failed attempts, with out that Connection has Failed message! PLEASE!

    Oh, and as of Jan 13, here is a list of regions that have fans that need more events or any at all in their respective states/countries as of Jan 13, 2008:


    Sincerely, one Filipino Fan of the Franchise