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Yeup, and I'm the first to review. Had to shove my hamster into her travel case so I could concentrate. >> Otherwise, she would eat a Card book.

And unless my tired eyes deceived me, I didn't spot any typos I had missed before. *nods* Let us celebrate by eating butter.

Anyhow, I enjoyed the parts about praying to a god all you want, but nothing good comes out of it. Call me crazy, but I love when characters question faith. It makes me happy inside. And I'm interested in Edward's past in the military.

I noticed that once again, a Growlithe limps its way into a story by you. I don't know if I asked you this before, but do you like Growlithe? You use them in roles that any other canine Pokemon could fit in (well, at least in this story. Growlithe are the police dog of the Pokemon world).

Not much more to comment on in these two pages. See what other reviews say.

And just to let you know, I want to review what you recently posted elsewhere. The voice of that story intrigues me since I had an idea to write a story in that same idea of a voice.

Happy belated birthday, as well. Didn't remember until two days later, but... :x
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