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Originally Posted by LokiFerne View Post
It's in PokeBattle_Move and it's an array called PBTypeChart

The types go in order (as they are defined inPBTypes) from top to bottom and left to right.

0 = No effect, 1 = Not very effective, 2 = regular damage, 4 = Super effective

So for your new type you will need to add a new line at the bottom of that list with the relative numbe, as well as an extra entry in all of the other lines stating how effective those types are against your new one.

I hope that was thorough enough, I always worry that I'm being too tedious with details.

*EDIT* Actually I've noticed a few weird things about this, there don't seem to be enough entires in the chart... I don't know whether it's just me but there are 18 types (including the ??? one) and only 16 entries in each line...
Thanks, I understand fully now . It's line 78 - 94, so that's 17, not 16. But there should be one more type, shouldn't there? And I don't think ??? counts as one....