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    Originally Posted by Went View Post
    Ok, this is not the thread to post bugs, I ask you to go to the main thread.
    My Ho-oh had sacred ash, and it's supposed to, I don't know why yours don't.
    And the masterball thing is a bug. O.o Maybe it's the ROM. Do you have a previous savestate? Can anyone else confirm this?
    Nah, I don't have a previous savestate.

    Well, I tried to achieve the same thing again ('cause I saved the game at another slot right before Ho-oh, thanks to the VisualBoy) and it even works when you Run away from battle.

    Here you can see the screen where Ho-oh will disappear afterwards.
    Notice this is right before it flashes black (or actually while it flashes black) and where you'll be standing on the rooftop.
    You won't be able to see the full text though, like: "Obtained a Master Ball".

    Well, I'll post this in the Main thread..

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