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    If you wanted to Evolve Haunter then Yes at lvl 42.

    Ive been playing shinygold ever since Beta 3 and its been a good remake so far. I can write this ultimate walkthough with pictures and all. But i need to make sure not many changes will happen in the already made areas i know Beta 6 from what ive herd you are fixing numerous glitches and i can help find them. My friend who loves hunting glitches can find them while i report them to you. The walkthough will be obtainable when i make it from My Freewebs or Give it to Zel to look at then post it here. And sorry peoples if i work out how to get Jirachi I can't put it in the walkthough. Also there will be a separate one for the X version

    Also that ice cave with room empty by the waterfall i guess you would be putting Articuno or Regice in there.

    That Ho-oh Glitch getting a masterball ive never had it. I always got a sacred ash.

    We could use a Guide telling what Route we are on. Makes getting dogs easy. So far caught Entei.

    The Trick House is better then RSE it made me think on that whirlpool.

    Glad to help if this helps zel with these Glitches.

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