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    Originally Posted by Giovanni Boss View Post
    By the way, have you put all seven brothers in the game, Zel?
    Yes, yes, they are in. I have changed a bit how they work. So, the idea is you will only be able to find Monica at first (search around, it's easy to find her), once you talk to her, she'll enable you to see Tuscany and so on.
    But I've really hid them (some more, some less), so you'll have to waste some time to find them all (Remember there are clues in that book at Route26)

    Originally Posted by Crashink View Post
    Okay, i've got one glitch, never teleport from Mahogany to Blackthord and then back, this is what happens:

    JOJO! >.<
    Well, at least Teleport doesnt send you to Kanto's R4, as it happened time ago (yay for possitive thinking!), I really dont like that particular move, I wish or think to do something to destroy it , I'll think a bit more about that.

    Originally Posted by stricken View Post
    This is a cool game I'm hunting down all the hoenn poke's. What I was wondering is where can I find a snorunt and a electrike? I want manetric bad
    It's pretty obvious where you can find a Snorunt, you should remember that I like to put Pokemon on locations that fit their nature (ask yourself "where would a Snorunt love to live?", there, you got your answer) About Electrike, it was around the routes between Ecruteak and Olivine (as always, if I remember correctly)

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