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Eager to get her pokemon Rukia rushed into the busy office, around her she saw other trainers from all around, turning to where a man in a white coat handed her a poke'ball
"here" he said in a kind voice, "you have been selected to train Turtwig, Turtwig is a very small bashful little pokemon so he needs lots of care, if you promise to care for him, he is yours"
The proffeser put the ball into her hand, Rukia blinked with excitment of seeing this new pokemon,
A smile soon light up on her face as the tiny leaf pokemon emerged from the ball,
I'ts little green face blushed, kneeling down she remembered there was a few pokeblocks left in her bag.
she took off her pack and fed one to her new pokemon,
The turtwig smiled at Rukia, Rukia would pat his head.
Rukia turned to the proffeser and exclaimed, "i love him already!"
Rukia then turned to the little pokemon and said "would you like to come with me?"
Turtwig smiled an nodded his head.
She picked him up in her arms and held him close "were going to have to give you a name.." She thought to herself.
"Oh and proffeser!, thankyou so much!"
Rukia turned to walk out of the door with turtwig in her arms.
People, thanks for going easy on her. I can see how edgy it is. Still, thanks for going easy on her. She is new, and she has been a friend of mine for like two years next March or something.
Though I do agree she could improve alot.
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