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Originally Posted by Hanako Tabris View Post
Call me crazy, but I love when characters question faith. It makes me happy inside.
That's a little odd. Anyways, this fic is shaping up good, but it seems to me like you tag the word "too" onto some sentences that don't need it.

Originally Posted by Saffire Persian View Post
"Dammit!" he hissed. Ami flinched. This man had been a scout, too. He recognized the uniform. And where there was a scout, there was bound to be other personnel within at least a sixty-mile radius (if not closer) from the military. He would have to take great care in laying some false trails now.

He needed to get rid of the bodies quickly, too. He turned to Ami, his voice rough as he tied a piece of cloth he had in his bag around her wound. It would have to do for now, but it would, with any luck, keep the wound clean enough until he could disinfect it properly.
Courage of the heart is very rare. The stone has a power when it's there.

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