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    That's the sad truth, Evkay. I see they're putting a bit more effort, but only minimum. Those that normally get rejected from RPs: If you want to join more RPs, put more and more effort until you end up at a level you'll end up in a majority of RPs that you like (look at MY first RP. I barely put ANY detail into my posts, just that a guy done that and that's it. I don't even know how I made it four lines now). I just wonder when the academy pre-entrance examination will start. For me, the RP is already at Page 3.

    Out of Topic at a small-small-size: One thing though is that my RP I expected a few more people to join since it was a bit unique. Oh well, it IS the school year currently. Major tests come up either second quarter or fourth quarter for many, so they study all day or something. Besides, not many RPs get people to join the first two days they're on the forums.