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    Hey guys, I've been away for a while (some of you might remember, I was in charge of the project "Pokémon Chromatite" which was being made in Sphere. Anyways, busy with uni, exams are almost over and I'm getting ready for a 1 month vacation and I'm back in business, so in the next few days expect to see a thread by me with a game that will look even more professional than Chromatite did :P

    Here's some links with resources as a contribution to the community.

    Warning: The text in red includes links to other forums, as far as I can remember linking to other forums in this forum is prohibited unless it's in your signature. But since this thread might be an exception since some forums contain useful resources I'll leave it like this, if the mods decide to remove it then so be it :\

    Serebii Sprite Resources - All kinds of pokemon sprites.

    Serebii Sprite Resources II - More resources.

    Coronis Manga Sprites.

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon - Currently ripping all MD sprites. (Brazilian website)

    The Videogame Atlas - All (or most of them anyways) maps.

    The Spriters Resource - Lots of pokemon stuff.

    Pokémon Elite 2000 - All Pokémon, Trainers and Items Sprites.

    Pokémon Safaris Imagedex (Spanish website) - ALL the pokemon sprites, images (including cards and illustrations), animations, etc.

    Psypoke - Sprites from ALL pokemon games, including animations. Not as good in terms of graphical resources as Pokémon Safari is.
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