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    Well, as with all things online, the quality of role-play tends to come and go. And yes, there is a reason I posted this here instead of in the RP Lounge, namely that the Lounge tends to be overlooked. However, if either of the mods feel this is not a good reason, feel free to move it. I just used my best judgement as to what would attract the most attention. Anyways, back to what this is all about: a list of bad habits that all RPrs, old and new (myself included) should attempt to avoid. This is not meant against anyone in particular, just a few things that I would like to see people make an effort to correct.

    The Slapdash Character: Try to spend a decent length of time writing a new character. I try to take at LEAST 15 minutes, 20-30 for ones I intend to reuse. Believe me, a hastily-thrown together character shows, and they aren't much fun to RP as or with. If you're reusing a character, modifying them to the RP is an obvious move, but also try to correct the things you found made them less fun to play as in previous RPs.

    The Cliche Character: Yes, we've all been there, particularly when we start RPing. But theses are characters such as the Cynical Mercenary, the Angsty But Still Good Demon, the Warrior With A Tragic Past, etc. etc. Yes, these can be fun characters to play at times, but they're incredibly common and it's nice to see an RPr take the effort to come up with something out of the ordinary. I'm guilty of creating and using such characters myself, but I try to avoid it.

    The One-Liner: I disagree with the decision to enforce a four-line/one-paragraph rule in the RP forums because circumstances do arise where such a rule is, quite simply, inane and actually DETRACTS from post quality (this is especially true in drawn-out conversations), but it's nice to see people make the effort to add as much detail as possible.

    The No-setting Plot: You can have gobs of plot in an RP, I mean, and immensely detailed, drawn-out affair, but what about the setting? What season is it? Is it mountainous? Humid? Does it snow almost year-round? Is it far to the north, or equatorial? All these things effect the setting of the plot. Like, if it's far to the north or south, the seasons won't be as diverse, and the days and nights, much longer, depending on the season. The Araura Borealis (or Astraulias) will show up too. Is it a rich county or a poor one? Densely populated? All of this is important.

    The Not-applicable-to-element Character (applies to elemental RPs only): I know I spoke against cliched characters earlier, but if your character has control of a specific element, they're HIGHLY likely (read: certainly) to reflect traits of it in their personalities. So a water-element mage isn't going to be hasty or reckless, as those are traits given to the fire-element. Similarly, a light-element character isn't going to be a hyper-depressive cutter.

    The Optional Personality: This is a personal pet peeve of mine. I HATE seeing the Personality in an RP sign-up made an option. It should, in my opinion, be a required field, along with Appearance, Name, Gender, Race and Age. There's a good reason for all this, there's a good reason for a Personality field, namely that it give you a way to force your character to act. Real people don't simply skip around from emotion to emotion, they typically have a set group of reactions and emotions. So should your character. Even better is a history that agrees with this, e.g., a happy-go-lucky, carefree character isn't going to see their parents brutally murdered in front of them when they were six.

    The Punctuation And Capitilization: Put them in, and put them in right. Proper nouns, new sentences, acronyms, and "I," all get a capital. Spaces after commas, periods, question marks, semicols, etc. etc. Study the rules of punctuation and commit them to memory.

    The Post That Obviously Didn't Get Read Over: I'll admit that I've done this too, when a lot of people are RPing and I'm trying to keep up, or when dinner's almost on and I'm rushed, but in general, read over each post for typos. Because typos are annoying.

    Alright, that's what I personally would like to see improved upon. Just a helpful (hopefully) little list.
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