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The One-Liner: I disagree with the decision to enforce a four-line/one-paragraph rule in the RP forums because circumstances do arise where such a rule is, quite simply, inane and actually DETRACTS from post quality (this is especially true in drawn-out conversations), but it's nice to see people make the effort to add as much detail as possible.
I thought Two-liners were just as bad Ozy.

And anyway, you forgot this.

History doesn't match up?:If your character had a bad past, such as abuse, neglect, or murdering of parents before very eyes, then they'll have to attone to that. Your character is probably going to be at least partially scarred by these childhood events. So in other words, if your character had a bad history, they won't exactly be the most ditzy, most bubbly cheerleader at school.

And to add to that, even people who just try to be nice with the bad pasts who act all dramatic behind the scenes bug me out. I hope I'm not guilty of doing so, but it still bugs me out when they're perky and cheerful around people and depressed and thinking of suicide when by themselves. >=O It makes me angrah!

And I'll type this one up as well.

Gods:You're not a demi-god, or a god. You don't have control over every single player's character in the RP unless you ask permission to play their characters, and use your common sense to find out that you can only use them when the creator tells you you can do so. Powerplaying is a no-no, and is when you control another person's character without their permission.

(And yet no matter how many times I see RPers flame others for Powerplaying, I still see newbs stumble in and powerplay.)

Dialect Only: (I'm guilty of this.) Nobody wants to see a post that's just quotes and 'She said' or 'He said'. Description is what makes a post less boring to read. You could add something like 'She exclaimed' even to make it ever so slightly more amusing to read. Really long posts are easier to skip, but it makes it ever the worse when the long post is really nothing but dialect. If it's just dialect, I usually just skip them even if they're less then 5 lines. It's just boring to read.

Stickies:They're there for a reason. Read them. They help. (Why else are they at the top of the page my friends?)

I'm not sure if this is what you meant by you 'skipping of the postage' thing at the top, but I interpretted it in a different way then I'm posting it now.

Skipping:When you skip someone else's post, you often get details wrong, such as where the other character is, in what position, or sometimes what they're doing at the present moment. Sometimes these minor details can make all the difference, and even though it may get ridiculous after 2 pages missed, sometimes it worth going back while you're typing up your post and making sure you've got your facts right. (I plead guilty)

Description/Appearance: First and foremost, nobody wants to see just a picture. Most pictures don't cover the entire attire, body, clothes, and appearance in general. If you use a picture, it would be wise to type in the parts that the picture leaves out, so that your not the only person in the RP who know's what your characters shoes or back looks like. (This bugs me the most, when there's only a headshot and they're like, OKAY! Good enough for me! I see this a lot) If you are hotlinking/providing a link, you may want to check on your own browser if the link still works. Webpages such as AdvancedAnime's URL's are constantly changing, and soon, you may have a guy picture in place of your female character. (Not pretty at all)

Rejection:If the creator of the RP says that your not accepted, one post asking why you were rejected is more or less justified if the creator doesn't say in the first place, but after rejected twice or more, it gets ridiculous. If you're rejected, and you change it, quotes like 'I thought it looked better then it does now', or anything similar to that, are UNECESSARY. (sp?)

Those are my views on most of the problems in my RPs, and the RPs I'm participating in. (Woah. Long post.)