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    Originally Posted by Bell
    And to add to that, even people who just try to be nice with the bad pasts who act all dramatic behind the scenes bug me out. I hope I'm not guilty of doing so, but it still bugs me out when they're perky and cheerful around people and depressed and thinking of suicide when by themselves. >=O It makes me angrah!
    Yeah, that annoys me too. Especially since I'm gulity of it, as you've seen. >>;

    Anyway, I agree with all of the stereotypes and quirks mentioned here, and the opinions on the said. I admit myself guilty of quite a few of these things, and I think this would be very useful, even to veteran RPers, as a reference on what not to do. This is quite a thorough guide, and very accurate, and even now it can be added onto. Considering the quality of RPing here nowadays(and I'm not pointing any fingers, I myself add to it), this would be a helpful introduction on the do's and dont's for newbies and old RPers alike. I support it being stickied, and added onto when needed.

    Oh, and...
    Originally Posted by Lily
    Um, isn't this a little late/almost in the wrong section? o_o;
    True, it was revived from almost a year ago, but the information here is still perfectly true. As for the section, ~Ozy~ explains why he put this here in the first post.
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