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I'm not sure if anybody here mentioned this...

But I cannot, seriously cannot stand two things about RPs

God Moding RP Masters: Honestly. I hate, loathe, despise these people and in some ways, they have the absolute right to be this way.

These are the people who start the rp boards and refuse to let anybody else add to their plotline, (Ex. I bring up my character's past in a post) I've had people actually tell me before that I need to delete my post because I'm drawing attention away from their character and they don't like it or they don't like my character's history because it's too deep.

It's also when they believe their characters are flawless because they are the "head" of the board. I wish I could find all the rp leaders who actually humble their characters and give them cookies. @[email protected] It's so flippin annoying when they tell you that you cannot power play or god mode when they do it themselves. ¬¬; Once in awhile is okay, everybody has power played at one point or another, but if every post depicts that character destroying something way beyond the character's ability... it's just ridiculous

Fan Girl/Fan Boy Chars: ...I loathe despise hate curse (etc) these characters more than the above said person. My stomach churns at the sight of something along the lines of:

Optional: Mary is Riku's girlfriend they are going steady and are very happy together
Seriously. This is just plan ridiculous but thankfully only seems to happen with certian RPs. (Anything with hot male characters in them ~.~) OCxOC relationships are fine but OCxRiku (This is an example as this is the one I see the most) is not. Bring out your fantasies in FanFics, not in the RP forums. It's honestly not fair to the other RPers if a person is playing Riku and did not previously agree to being "hooked up" with the OC. If it was previously aranged, I still hate it. It's just plain unfair.

Originally Posted by Bell
Rejection:If the creator of the RP says that your not accepted, one post asking why you were rejected is more or less justified if the creator doesn't say in the first place, but after rejected twice or more, it gets ridiculous. If you're rejected, and you change it, quotes like 'I thought it looked better then it does now', or anything similar to that, are UNECESSARY. (sp?)
I completely agree with you but I wanted to add something that kinda follows your other point about skipping.

If the RP Master says no more applications are being accepted, DO NOT APPLY

It's so obnoxious to have a poorly put together profile shoved into the middle of an rp. If they've already in the middle of something, don't post on the board. If you absolutely NEED to get in, try pming the leader, don't intrupt the flow of the RP; it'll only tick people off.

Originally Posted by Bell
Webpages such as AdvancedAnime's URL's are constantly changing, and soon, you may have a guy picture in place of your female character. (Not pretty at all)
I completely agree. It only shows laziness if you can't type out an appearance. Pictures of outfits that are overly complex are fine but make sure you upload them to your own server. As a Web Master, I can't tell you how many times I've found my images linked without credit. It eats our bandwidth and to be honest, hot linking is just plain rude to the people who wrote out their descriptions. It takes an extra 20ish minutes sometimes to type out that appearence but once you complete it, you have that image in your mind and it doesn't leave

Hopefully I haven't repeated anybody. @[email protected] Just wanted to add these points.