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    Cliched RPers bother the hell out of me! For example, I was on this one site, a wolf RP, and there's this one person that just really peeved the heck out of me! She was trying too hard to make her character uber-powerful and evil (her grammar and spelling sucked too, as well as other such key things towards Roleplaying) and, get this, her wolf's description was black pelt and red eyes, like EVERY OTHER evil wolf on the site. My character even commented on her being cliched, and she was like

    ((OMG, i am no cliched lol!)) in OOC, and on our site it is looked down upon to use web-chat (or as I like to call it, n00b dialect) when typing out of character.

    So I beg of you, try not to make your character a cliched character. Sure, a hot-headed redhead is considered cliched, but it is true. I should know, I'm a redhead...

    (But it would be nice to throw people off and have a character with a totally evil description, but his/her personality being that she/he's a sweetie or something like that.)

    n00b Chat
    lyke omg, dun u just h8 it wen ppl typ lyke tis?

    I don't need to explain why I hate it when people talk like this, it bothers the heck out of me. But suprisingly, there are people who RP like that too! By G_d, I loathe them.

    I don't mind it when people use pictures for descriptions...but still. It shows you lack of creativity. End of story, just describe your character. Let others use their imagination.

    There are some people out there who do not like to read extremely long, detailed posts. I hate it when people do that. They're like "Wow, super long...I didn't read it." and that is just disrespectful! A person probably took their time and talent to write such a post, and the person doesn't even read it? I'm sorry, if you don't like reading that much, don't Roleplay. As simple as that.

    ((I will add more to this list. Please comment on how crappy I did it...))