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Originally Posted by WolfGoddess
(But it would be nice to throw people off and have a character with a totally evil description, but his/her personality being that she/he's a sweetie or something like that.)
0_0 That's exactly what I loathe. You're not going to see a happy-go-lucky goth...or, I hope not. That'd be what I call, (not to their face of course) SUPAH-N00B. XD

SPAM.:I'm sure many of you know what Spam is by now, and nobody (in their right sane mind) likes reading spam. SO DON'T DO IT! *gaspeth* It's very easy to stay on topic. Spam is a no-no, but wrongly accusing someone of spam is a no-no-NO. Double check to see if it's truly spam before you say 'So-and-so, don't spam'. Because you're gonna have half the RPer's after you for doing so. (Personal experiences my friends. Personal experiences.)

Unsuccessful: Unsuccessful RP's are everywhere, but if nobody joins, or if it just goes downhill, or just plain doesn't go the way you wanted it, don't whine and gripe about it. Everyone is an individual, and perhaps they didn't fancy the topic your RP was on. And when you post an RP, it's not neccessarily going to go smoothly along the way you imagined it would. Different people have different reactions to different events. Whining and griping only makes people less enthusiastic about joining your future RP's, knowing that they'll have to deal with your attitude.

Oh. My. God. Someone did this to me as well, but no, they seriously broke down, because I said 'OMFG how did you guys get so far without me?!' and the entire roleplay board started flaming me. Claimed that the RP master was crying and they said I was a mean -----, and totally went insane. I was like 'AH! HURRICANE ANDREW IS COMIN' MY WAY!'. *rolls eyes*