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    I edited my signups for my legendaries a week or two ago... I took out the part about talking with Arceus/Mew and Primaverde's encounter with Team Nova.

    Speaking of legendaries, I can make new legendaries too--I've created lots of Pokemon for fanfics and such. I can make the following:
    -Isix: A Fire/Dragon-type Phoenix Pokemon who was created to represent regeneration/revival. She has a special ability that gives her a 50% chance of fully healing herself when she's about to faint.
    -Nerida: A Water/Normal-type Whale Pokemon who has inspiring and life-giving powers. Arceus would create her as a new sea guardian who isn't as contentious as Kyogre was. (And this is with Primaverde as the unofficial land guardian.)
    -Gryphice: A Rock/Flying-type Gryphon Pokemon who can turn people/Pokemon into stone momentarily by staring at them. Can also turn himself completely into stone--when he does this, he can't be captured by a Pokeball, but he can't move either.
    -Beeboh: The fastest and smallest of all the legendaries, Beeboh has the power to speed up and slow down time. However, he can't travel back or forward in time like Celebi can. He's Bug-type and has the Levitate ability.

    Click on the names to see pictures. Those are my ideas--I can introduce one or two or three or all of them into the RPG if you want.

    I can't wait for this RPG to start! After all, if I control a Team Nova Elite Admin and 3+ Legendaries...

    And now to answer Brad's first two questions:

    1. Codename? Lupin works as both a nickname and a codename. Whew, that was easy!

    2. I think it'd be interesting for Team Nova to know about Qingrila. Since Qingrila can travel between dimensions and therefore might appear in an alternate dimension outside Mt. Silver, it would be interesting if someone in Team Nova saw him/her once. (Remember Qingrila can be either gender.) I don't think Lupin will be that someone, since he's already got one legendary to focus on.

    And about Primaverde... Since I took out Primaverde's encounter with Team Nova, maybe Team Nova can discover one of her Frutai Trees on Grapefruit Island, say, and link the DNA in the Frutai Berry to Primaverde.

    Nobody that's not a Pokemon will know about Auroracle yet.

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