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Wow, so Brad likes Isix! I was so afraid she would seem like the reincarnation of Moltres...

Anyways, I think once Isix and Gryphice enter the RPG, we should have enough legendaries. (Besides, I think Nerida and Beeboh are too cute for their own good anyway, etc.)

And now for their signups:

Name: Isix
Gender: Female
Description: Isix looks like this, at about nine feet tall. Arceus seemed to liken many of the legendaries to gods when it created them, and Isix is no exception. If she were really a goddess, she'd be the goddess of rebirth. After all, she is technically a phoenix, yet has some draconic characteristics as well. Specifically, Isix has a special ability called "Phoenix Ash" that gives her a 50% chance of fully healing herself just before she faints.

Wait... is Isix Arceus' attempt to recreate Ho-oh and Moltres into one legendary? Well, not exactly. Moltres was unable to regenerate itself upon fainting, and Ho-oh had more to do with rainbows and good fortune than anything else. Isix is not about rainbows at all--in fact she leans more towards destruction than good fortune. Like Gyarados, she's capable of destroying entire cities in a range of fiery anger (though hers literally is fiery), although her anger outbursts are few and far between.

Personality: Isix is normally a calm and carefree Pokemon. Her spirit and outlook on life shine as brightly as her fiery body. But unlike the Primaverde/Auroracle/Qingrila trio, Isix prefers to spend her time alone, making little fire patterns on the cave walls, flying around and exploring the caves of Mt. Silver, etc. She's more of the contemplative sort than anything else, yet she wishes she mad more space to fly around in.

It's normally very hard to make Isix angry, but if she does happen to become infuriated for some odd reason, she really does turn into a destructive fireball, as explained in the Description section. Usually after such an outburst, she'll turn into ash out of exhaustion. But then she'll arise from the ashes as a small, bird-ish dragon which becomes Isix again after a day.

Type: Fire/Dragon
Other: So far no humans know about Isix, but she really is anxious to leave Mt. Silver. When she does leave, she'll only come out during sunrise or sunset, when she blends right in with the sky.

Name: Gryphice
Gender: Male
Description: Gryphice is about ten feet tall and looks something like this. He's most noted for his Gargoyle ability, which basically allows him to turn himself into stone. While in the stone state, he cannot be affected by Pokeballs, but he can't move either. However, one thing that still works is his Stone Gaze attack, which basically causes freezing. More specifically, it turns the foe into stone for a while, so thawing attacks like Flame Wheel won't remove the state. The only attacks the victim can use while "stonified" are Selfdestruct and Explosion, which of course end up with fainting.

Arceus originally meant to create Grpyhice as a representation of the Seven Deadly Sins, but that plan didn't go through to completion. Yet those seven sins still show up in Gryphice's personality...
Personality: Gryphice is an aggressive and domineering Pokemon who frequently pushes all oppressive foes into subordinance. He frequently sees himself as the best of the best, and will often prove that he is through battling. However, in the rare case in which he does get defeated in battle, he's known to be very envious and vengeful. You definitely don't want to come across Gryphice too often, which is good since Gryphice also prefers to be alone. Then he won't have to deal with any matters of the outside world. But it is said that he likes to sit there and collect rare gemstones as a hobby.

But Gryphice does enjoy the company of non-legendary Pokemon, since they're easy to manipulate and tend to be more obedient. He would prefer sitting around while Pokemon "slaves" constantly bring him food and gemstones, and sometimes entertainment as well.

Type: Rock/Flying, but also learns some ice attacks
Other: This lazy gryphon will want to stay in Mt. Silver for a while, so nobody else will know about him at this point. However, there is a possibility that later on some of his slaves might defy him and escape from the cave, and bring evidence that Gryphice exists.

EDIT: I also noticed something about TDB_leader's signup. Matt has three evolutions of extinct Pokemon, which are not possible from what I recall. (Specifically, he has an evolution of Floatzel, Tauros, and Lairon--all of which are extinct.)

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