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    . (IRL) Found my Emerald version and played it for the first time in about a year.
    . Restarted Emerald
    . Got 8 badges
    . Got through VR
    . Came up with a new training method
    . Training my POKéMON

    My new training method is:
    Give the one who needs training an Exp. Share and put a Geodude/Graveler/Claydol/Baltoy/Anything-else with explosion in the first of your party. Fight in the VR and use explosion to defeat the POKéMON. Due to Exp. Share, ALL the experiencde that battle could have won will be awarded to the POKéMON holding it.

    And it doesn't have t be in VR, you can do it in E4 or anywhere. Really.

    My Claydol had it and Lileep was on Lv. 39 but couldn't win any battles in VR, so I put two and two together and came up with my idea.