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Originally Posted by Trainer Kat View Post
Sooo I have a question about catching Pokemon. xD
I'm doing the "Sarah only catches cuties" route. I'm kind of skewed on my definition for cute [I think the Gastly line and Geodude line are...simply adorable. x3]. So I'm going to run this by you. :]

I'm going to have Sarah catch Oddish, like originally planned, and evolve it into Vileplume because I think it suits her more than Bellossom. If you want me to evolve it into Bellossom, not a problem. I'm fine with either.
I've been brainstorming other Pokemon she could have. I'm big on the idea of giving her a Pachirisu. It'd kind of be like...a Pika/Pachi rivalry, then?

BUT here's what I've been meaning to ask you. I'd LOVE for Sarah to have a Gallade. Not only do I absolutely love Gallade <3, I think it'd be a good Pokemon for a girly girl to have. It's kind of...super-hero looking. It could be like, her defender or something. xD
She could catch a Ralts, because they're so cute. It could just happen to be male, and evolve into Gallade? :x

And yes, I have given her Pokemon a lot of thought. xD
You have the right idea for all of these things! I'm so glad you know exactly what I want Sarah to be like. You where the perfect person to cast for Sarah! And Vileplume is a thousand times better then Bellossom. And I love Bellossom, so that's saying something about Vileplume.

Oh yes and everyone get ready!~ I spent my entire day at work writing up the extreme plot-twisting post! Dun dun dunnn... So as soon as oni posts I'll post it ;3