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    Originally Posted by Miss Raichu View Post
    That sounds perfect. You could not have thought up a better team for Nathaniel. My only input is that he seems more like a Growlith person, just because Growlith is more of a hero kind of Pokemon, and Houndour is more of an anti-hero kind of Pokemon. But that's just my two cents. It's completely up to you!

    Ah, but with every hero, is there not always some sort of darkness inside of them? Whether it be too much power, or to much responsibility?
    'It's been a prevalent notion. Fallen sparks. Fragments of vessels broken at the Creation. And someday, somehow, before the end, a gathering back to home. A messenger from the Kingdom, arriving at the last moment. But I tell you there is no such message, no such home -- only the millions of last moments . . . nothing more. Our history is an aggregate of last moments.'