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Hello everyone! I'm back - sort of. In case you don't know it, I had some personal issues and I wasn't able to do anything at all, basically.
Don't worry, I didn't forget my projects: I was just forced to delay them.
If have some updates about anything, I'll sure tell you.

Well, I'd like to thanks who actually voted in the poll, here are the final results:

Originally Posted by - HackMew - View Post
Poll Results
  1. eXtreme Script Editor with 131 points
  2. Advance Trainer with 110 points
  3. Pokémon Editor Advance with 104 points
  4. Shinyzer with 90 Points
  5. Titlescreen Cry Changer with 71 points
  6. Advance Item with 68 points
  7. Strengther with 42 points
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