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Are we limited to only catching 5 other Pokemon? ._.;;
If so...eek...I have to pick and choose...

I'd like to be able to switch them out occasionally, like in the game/anime. But if not, then I guess her team stands as:

Ursaring- Her starter, obviously.
Gallade- <333 Her size-zero-male-model defender
Vileplume- First catch. How cute.
Pachirisu- Well, duh. It's adorable.
Rapidash- So...girly...x3
Milotic- So pretty. She won't be thrilled with Feebas though. xD It could maybe be...a gift, or something. Like James and Magikarp. Hmm...

Oh, but there are so many more Pokemon I want for her...

I'm slightly stuck-up and aesthetics-obsessed, so it's highly unlikely you'll see me use anything but shiny Pokemon.
Deal with it. :]