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    Originally Posted by Star Girl View Post
    Okay. About learning moves. Are our Pokemon going to be restricted to four moves like in the game, or unlimited according to types and TMs like in the show?

    I don't know what is with me today. I don't usually ask this many questions. And because of this I've made more posts today than I have in the last week let alone the last month.
    Basically will work like this:
    Lets say you have a Glaceon (Just using it as an example only because there is a tab with it's Serebii Pokedex entry already open on my computer)
    And it's around level 45.
    Through out it's life it would have learned the following moves, Tackle, Tail whip, helping hand, sand-attack, icy wind, quick attack, bite, ice shard and ice fang. It can use all moves it's ever naturally learned, going by the rough outline the game gives us.
    Now this is the fun part; you get to decide what compatible TM/HM moves it learns. You have to be reasonable with this, don't make it learn every move. It wont be fun that way. Just keep it fair!
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