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    Originally Posted by Evkay View Post
    and yes yes, you control everything about your match except the poke you fight. *just be sure to win* and uhhh try to squeeze your fight in one post, i don't want this to be a huge speed bump.
    ...Wait, you said we can't control the Pokemon we're battling, yet we have to post the battle in one post? How do we know what the opponent Pokemon does each turn, then?


    Ninetales: Vulpix used Flamethrower, waiting to see Rhyhorn's reaction. ...After Rhyhorn did whatever attack it used, Vulpix jumped on top of its head and held on tightly to its horn. Whether or not Rhyhorn tried to shake Vulpix off, Rhyhorn somehow attacked (or not), and Vulpix retaliated with Confuse Ray. Rhyhorn reacted to this in some way, upon which Vulpix used Will-O-Wisp. If Vulpix hadn't fainted yet, she used Flamethrower, hoping for the best. And after that, the battle ended.


    Ninetales: "Vulpix, use Flamethrower!" Kelsey declared.
    Evkay: Johnny, the Team Havoc grunt, smirked at the Vulpix's foolishness. "Rhyhorn, use Horn Attack!"
    Ninetales: Oh no--Flamethrower did hardly anything and Rhyhorn was about to attack! "Vulpix, dodge it and hang on to Rhyhorn's horn!"
    Evkay: The Rhyhorn shook the Vulpix off, which wasn't too hard because Vulpix couldn't get a very good grip with its little paws. Then Rhyhorn attacked with Rock Blast, doing quite a bit of damage to Vulpix.
    Ninetales: Kelsey's precious Vulpix was getting hurt! "Vulpix, use Confuse Ray!" Vulpix fired a beam of sinister-looking energy, hoping for the best...
    Evkay: Rhyhorn tried to use Body Slam, but ended up hurting himself instead.
    Ninetales: Kelsey laughed at the Rhyhorn's foolishness. "All right, now use Will-O-Wisp!"
    Evkay: Rhyhorn used Frustration on the Vulpix, causing even more damage. Johnny thought the match was in the bag at this point.
    Ninetales: Vulpix tried to use Flamethrower out of desperation, but the Frustration attack caused poor Vulpix to faint.


    Ninetales: "Vulpix, use Flamethrower!" Kelsey declared. Vulpix did the attack, but that did little damage for the Rhyhorn. Rhyhorn reacted to this with Horn Attack.
    Kelsey thought she was in trouble, but Vulpix managed to dodge the attack and jump onto Rhyhorn's head. It tried to hang on with its little paws, but got shaken off by the stronger Rhyhorn. To make matters worse, Rhyhorn hit Vulpix with Rock Blast--ouch, super-effective. But vulpix was not about to give up, and used Confuse Ray. The Confuse Ray seemed to work--the first time, Rhyhorn hurt itself in its confusion (Kelsey laughed at this) and Vulpix used Will-O-Wisp, but then Rhyhorn succeeded in using Frustration.
    "Oh no, Vulpix, use Flamethrower!" Kelsey was in a panic and thus wasn't thinking properly. For again, Flamethrower did very little damage, and Vulpix was KO'd with Frustration.

    I just want you to clarify how to post these battles... And don't worry, my post(s) will be longer and more in-depth than the above. XD

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