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Originally Posted by Lockmaster24 View Post
I have got all 200 hoenn pokemon and a Level 100 Swampert, Linoone and Typhlosion
... The Linoone reminds me of Lindsey. She's on POKéMON Box right now and level 96. For some reason I restarted Ruby, caught a Zigzagoon and released my starter. Then I used only it for the entire game, I caught a weak Poochyena for Tate and Liza... Ah, memories. Lol.

Umm... lets see...

. Got POKéDex/POKéBalls
. Caught Pikachu
. Trained Charmander to Lv. 9
. Trained Pikachu to Lv. 9
. Thrashed Rival Jr.
. At end, Charmander had leveled up
. Caught Mankey
. Trained Mankey to Lv. 6 for Low Kick
. Ventured into Viridian Forest
. By the end, Charmander was Lv. 15(Favoritism, anybody?), Pikachu was Lv. 10(Too bad it was from the Pidgeys before Viridian Forest)Mankey was Lv. 6 (Big change...)
. Up to Pewter city, woo.
. Beat Brock, but then absentmindedly soft reseted for no reason.

. Lileep evolved
. Trained all my POKéMON at least to Lv. 42
. Still training.

I hate training... I usually get my POKéMON to around Lv. 80, and then restart my game. But I won't this time, I promise!
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