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    Sorry I haven't updated lately, school has started, so i'm on computer around half an hour each day, where I can just check threads.
    Though in my spare time I haven't worked on this, i've been looking through other in-game scripts to find some other specials or things I haven't learnt.
    I've also been working with scriptEd.

    So again, sorry, i'll try keep it updated when I can.
    (It's just I got signed up by a manager in tennis, so thats more important now..)


    About the hex thing, I like doing my scripts with more raws and hex commands because it makes me feel a bit safer with rom corruption and so on, and because I know it will turn out right.
    If anyone wants to find out the hex numbers or letters look at thethethethe's hex scripting tutorial, it should have a list.
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