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    Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    It says they can on Bulbapedia. o.O


    Oh yeah, Granbull cannot learn Ice Beam. I either did a Kat and typed Ice Fang as Ice Beam or Bulbapeida, which I'll admit isn't that reliable, was edited.

    Edit: I went to Serebii and it cannot learn Psychic, damn Bulbapedia.

    What should I do, just change the moves in my first post and never use Psychic again or leave it?
    I vote we allow you to keep Psychic because you've already used it but just change Ice Beam to Ice Fang. Practically the same thing.

    @Ninetales: *Points at Razor getting crunched by Tyranitar* I don't know if you'd count that as severe though, but at least Razor got damaged, unlike most people's pokes