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lol the point of the test battles was to prove why you're here... You shoulda swept them with ease, since these guys are suppose to be just the chump chars with no names. anyway, just keep psychic, Jim... i don't really care that much.

on a side note, everyone head to the Havoc Hotel... luxurious rooms await you with hot tubs, big beds, comfy couches and whatnot in in your rooms. Theres a training room with any sort of equipment you'd need, even attack resistant walls for beam/flame attacks and such. Feel free to create any other various luxuries in the hotel as well, its suppose to be a 5 star hotel so have at it. Just show the receptionist at the hotel your letter, and you'll receive a room number. The room numbers will co-respond to your battle order... i.e. Reina's room number is 2. Just end the night from there and in the next RP day, we'll get into the full swing of things

Credit for Siggy goes to Jim <3