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    Originally Posted by Jorah View Post
    Pikachu's Goodbye. I remember watching it when I was 10 and hiding behind a cushion, crying XD But now I don't find it very sad. Bye, Bye Butterfree made me have a few tears in my eyes when I watched it last year because I had not watched Indigo league in about 6 years.

    Unfortunatly, I could never find Gotta Catch Ya Later or A Poached Ego sad because I watched Advanced Battle before Advanced and knew that Misty and Team Rocket's Pokemon had left. It would be much sadder if I hadn't known

    The only movie I've found sad is the 9th, Manaphy was just too cute to leave behind...
    i can agree with ye on some points. I, too, never found gotta catch ya later or poached ego sad, mostly just because it wasn't saddening to me. the pikachu episode i've already said was the saddest episode for me.

    the ninth movie, though? nah, not for me. i was glad when it ended, manaphy pissed me off to no end. I seriously wanted to shoot the TV at several points during the movie.
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