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    Gotta Catch Ya Later: By far this episode was one of the saddest ones I've seen. When Misty and Brock left I was nooooooooooooooo!!!!! When I first saw it a few years back. Now it makes me look forward to Misty's cameo appearances in the main series, and her episodes in Chrinocles. And Brock comes back so I don't really miss Brock that much when he leaves especially at the end of Battle frontier when he and Ash parted again, but Ash did'nt really seem to care this time compared to the end of the Johto episodes lol.

    Once More with Reeling: Besides the horrid pun dub title, I was sad when May and Max left the group. I was getting used to having 4 people in the party too. Poor Max got shafted, no pokemon, his sister leaving for Johto, and he has to go home. Hope we get to see him again, but by then he'll probarly be a good trainer, maybe with a Ralts xD. Seeing Dawn makes me miss May. I admit May had a shaky start but as the seasons pasted she became freaking good, probarly more better then Dawn could ever be, but I woul'nt count Hikari out yet. But May was "Original" group coorindator and her rivals were more funnier and cooler then Zoey and Nando are. I miss Drew now ;; and Harley of all people too ;;. Hope we see them again in a future D/P episode.
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