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Originally Posted by [Angel of Twilight:: View Post
So is it going to be a sibling or not? Wait.. I know.
Will the new character have any importance or will they just be for the Cape Town strip of comics?

Hmm.. I wonder if I'm still supposed to be giving crit after all this time. Or is talking about the comic still considered on topic?

Well, I like the way you spin the plot. Unlike some plots, your characters aren't the Powerpuff girls. Running into a new completely independent bad guy/girl every comic or so. Instead, they often run into bad guys related, and any switch in organizations is explained cleanly. Well, almost cleanly. Any chance of some more of SS' leader in a comic?
And this time it seems like you are gonna hit the 100+ mark.
Sibling is just for this storyline (Think anime episode style!). The leader of SS... I don't know if I want to reveal him - I like meeting the Ex-O's first. 100 is my next goal (That means 200 overall!).

Originally Posted by Lorin View Post
wow awesome i love the comics nice work!
Thanks for posting.

Originally Posted by youngmessage View Post
aye man these comics deserve they own site and you should do your own manga i had wanted to make my own comic series about my own show and this is too cold straight up cold-blooded
Thanks for posting. KD's own site would be awesome, and it might be an idea for the future.

I know it's been too long and all, but I have two more comics:

Comic 28: Some Sibling
Comic 29: Eric Summer

Enjoy them!