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    Is there anyone that would like to help/create some stories/side-quests for a 1-4 player pokemon game? I would like for it to start some what like this:

    (needs editting but here we go) Professor Elm has recently been contacted by an old friend named Professor Lab. He has asked professor Elm to send him some recent trainers in order to study a new set of islands. Prof Lab has sent a ship to transport the trainers to the island. Upon arrival you are on the shore, Professor Lab greets you and gives you your first mission "Find an open area for the first town to be started".

    NOTE: Access to the ship remains for
    a while, allowing the player to save
    in their room, and restore their pokemon,
    and misc. people/shop/etc...

    At the area where the town is to start will be some sort of "boss" fight that will basically be the beginning of the "Main Enemy" story line, whether it be a henchmen of the boss or the boss them self, I've not written it in stone.

    Well that about wraps it up, can have as many islands as needed.

    Thanks for your time