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    Originally Posted by DJB MASTER View Post
    Hmmm, dont exactly know what you mean by this, but i'm guessing your talking about how moves affect the environment in real-time. Like if you used earthquake - the ground would be all smashed and cracked and if you used blizzard then there would be snow everywhere.

    If this is not what you mean then please explain, thanks...

    Bye, DJB...
    I kinda meant like if you were grasslands, then fire attacks would be more effective because it would set the grass on fire, if you were in the desert movement would be slowed unless you were ground/flying/hovering, volcanos water/ice types would have big disadvantage
    that kind of stuff
    Ok. This is getting very annoying. To all you noobs out there, which is about 98% of people reading this signature.

    A. READ THE GODDAMN THREAD. I don't care if you don't read all 100 pages of it, but read the first post AT LEAST.

    B. READ THE FIRST POST. 95% of the time that will contain your answer

    C. SHUT UP AND STOP ARGUING. It doesn't help anyone and it gets rather annoying.

    D. This is not a place to talk about every topic imaginable. It is a place to talk about a certain game, or whatever the topic of the thread is. If you want to say something else, be it about something you are doing, or just something not related, DO NOT SAY IT. This is NOT the place.

    E. RESPECT EVERYONE. In case you've forgotten, these are real people that you're talking to. I'm sure that if you were in person, you would NOT be talking to others the way that you do now. THESE ARE REAL PEOPLE FOLKS, REMEMBER THAT.

    F. BE GRATEFUL. All of these hacks/games are done by people in their spare time, for no money. They invest ALOT of time and effort into these projects, and they do it for their enjoyment, not yours. If you try and be greedy, or talk as if they are going to fall to your every whim, DON'T. They are not doing it for you, they are doing it for them. The only thing that you should say is either constructive criticism or a suggestion that you think would make the game better overall. Note that I said SUGGESTION.
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