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    Hi Guys, I am a new member of this RP cleared by Evkay, so here is my char Info.

    Name: Lexie Volari
    Preferred Nickname: Lex
    In-RP age: 17
    Hometown/Region: Born in Eterna City, and then lived with her Aunt in Sunnyshore City.
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Lexie has back hair with a few white streaks that are natural, though most poeple wont believe it. She has been told on multiple occasions that her eyes are the clearest blue they have ever seen, and if you comment them, she will blush uncontrollably. Despite how her eyes command total attention of her face, she has other great qualities about her. Her teeth are dazzling white, and she uses them all the time because she is always similing. She wears a black blouse that has extravagent sleeves that are very wide at the hands, which are usually getting in the way, but she loves them anyways. She also wears a pair of performance brown pants, and black stilettos, and she has a neclace which is oddly always changing color, which she recieved from her mother as part of the will.

    Personality: She is the one that most people find too headstrong because she is always telling it as it is, and will never admit it when she is wrong, but when she is, she just smiles, but the smile never leaves her mouth, because she is glaring at you. Although she is over controlling, she has to have people to talk to, so that is why she chose to be a coordinator so she could meet lots of people, and to see the scenery, of course! She is not too trusting, though, because she lost her parents at an early age, and when she moved in with her aunt (who was given custody of her in the will, seeing as she was her mom's favorite sister, and because she was always nice to Lexie) she was extremely cruel to her, and she never forgave her. She tries to always keep things posative, and always look ahead.

    History: When Lexie was 4, her parents died at an early age, of "unknown causes" for which the police have decidedly given up on investigating because it was too complicated, and she inherited her parents' pokemon; a Gallade, and a Gardevoir, and they act just like parents would. She has never been without them, providing her with the love and caring she never ever got from her evil Aunt Valorie, who was made her legal guardian. She was beat many times for just being in the room when her Aunt was mad, but the worst time was when Lexie was little and accidently called her Aunt, "Mommy", which was when she found out she was adopted by the cruelest way ever. She was starved for 2 days, locked in a closet, and yelled at constantly by her Aunt, which she stated every time "I am not your Mommy, you little brat!" and then was hauled out and beaten on the last day. She hated her with a passion, and the only reason she acted nice when Lexie's parents were alive was to gain her mom's trust, and inherit the fortune that Lexie's parents were worth, and Lexie will never touch a penny of it because her aunt spent half of it on getting her complexion fixed, which has taken many years, and lots of money! When she turned 10, she ran away, and hopes to never return, but she feels that one day, she must to confront her on what she had done to her.

    Additional Information: She is never seen without one or both of her parents' pokemon, and was taken in after she ran away by an elderly couple that lives in Hearthome City. She catches her pokemon in Premier Balls only.

    Short Literary Sample: As Sophie walked out of the small tent she was sleeping in that night, She was stunned of what she had stumbled on in the night. She looked around to see the grass was blowing gently in the breeze. The way that the trees were just looked beautiful. She had set camp up at the base of a giant oak tree that twisted around everywhere, and loomed high in the sky, easily the tallest tree in the clearing. Off to the far side was a break of the trees where a pond was sitting with a river running off of it. The breeze was coming from the direction of the pond, giving it the smell of fresh water, and delighting flowers. There were Goldeen jumping out of the water making her want to go swimming, which was not a bad idea seeing as how she had traveled grudgingly through the mud, and the foamy soil which she usually would have planted berries in, but it was too dark to see, so she decided against it. In the trees were many bird pokemon which were calling gently in the morning air. The bushes were not only swaying from the wind, but from the multiples of tiny pokemon scurring around looking for berries, or running from some enemy.
    "Today is the day I make it to Cerulean City" she said to herself, excited beyond belief. She was going to challenge the Sensational Sisters to a Gym Battle so she could eventually get to the Elite Four. She was proud of herself for getting this far, and her pokemon were all to thank. Thinking of them, she released them; A Wartortle, a Zubat, a Bellsprout, and a Vulpix. They looked like they had had a nice rest, and were contently sitting on the grass, but her Zubat was perched on her shoulder. She reached up and tenderely scratched behind her ears, issuing a pleasured cry from it. "You are welcome, now, Lets go swimming!" and after undressing, and putting on a swimming suit, she flat out ran, jumping in the water, causing a large splash, and upsetting the pokemon with large ripples that raced for the shoreline, where her pokemon stared at her, hesitant to just jump in. "Are you coming or what!" she yelled to them. "War!" her Wartortle yelled and jumped in, slipping underwater without making a splash or a ripple.

    You may have a minimum of 1 Pokemon and a maximum of 3.

    Pokemon: Gardevoir
    Nickname: Pretty

    Personality: She is very over-protective of Lexie, and uses her psychic powers to keep Lexie out of trouble, and Lex rarely gets away with anything, even though she tries really hard! She was Lexie's mom's pokemon first.

    Set Attacks: Psychic, Future Sight, Teleport, Shadow Ball, Hypnosis, And Dream Eater.

    Pokemon: Salemence
    Nickname: none

    Personality: He is a bold, hasty dragon that is one of Lexie's strongest pokemon and valued pokemon. Lexie loves riding him, and usually travels on him. First Pokemon to be caught by Lexie.

    Set Attacks: Crunch, Dragon Claw, Dragonbreath, Protect, Flamethrower, And Steel Wing.

    Pokemon: Espeon
    Nickname: Jewel

    Personality: She is rather blatently vicious in battles, but she is the one Lexie turns to for ideas and support other than Pretty, although she never is much help because most of her stratagies involve knocking someone out...

    Set Attacks: Psychic, Psybeam, Swift, Quick Attack, Hyper Beam, And Double Team.
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