Thread: FireRed hack: Pokémon Secrets and Rumors
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    Yay! It has returned! *hugs Skeetendo* Not really ;)

    Anyway, I am really happy to see this hack alive again. It wasn't you who originally started thias hack, right? I even played a beta of it. It was sooo funny to see all rumors we produced (my classmate told me that there was a special code to unlock whole new game in Pokémon Blue, called Pokémon Orange Islands and he told me that when I figure it out, it can be even Slovak :D)

    So, keep it up dude, and hope you will include some beta GSC Pokémon, that can be also considered as a rumor, it was rumored that it will be in the game... :D

    If you remeber me, feel free to send me a PM ;-)