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    Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post
    I wanna know why were you up against that high-leveled Missingno...
    Oh well... The story is kinda nice... I like Eevee as a starter though. So cute. =3

    I wish you luck with this project.
    And hey, I'm looking forward to the new items and everything tht's new to be in the hack.
    Ah, well, that's a mystery for you to solve Thanks a lot!

    Originally Posted by C3LEBI♥ View Post
    Nice, finally another gold hack XD
    Anyways the story isn't something that is really fascinating but it sounds alright to me.

    Wow, a new region after Kanto sounds great, and I can't wait to see the new pokemon.
    Are we really gonna fight a missing no.? lol...


    Ah well the story isn't that fascinating simply because it's Red's story, just with pretty much everything that people imagined up during those days. (Well at least everything we can do )

    And the New Region will be cool, so don't worry about any disappointment. And yes, MissingNo will be a real pokemon in this.

    Originally Posted by lanjiao123456789 View Post
    Another gold hack?
    The story look good for me.. :D
    Good luck!

    Originally Posted by Went View Post
    Oh, please, a game with all the crazy plots the people imagined for R/B/Y? That's just GENIUS!
    If you are accepting suggestions, I'm sure that everyone knows about one or two (or a full page) worth of rumours.

    *Is still laughing at the Lv145 missingno*
    Aha thanks a lot!

    Yes we are accepting suggestions, but really, try not to flood the topic with them, instead PM us any rumors or secrets you remember. Thanks.

    Originally Posted by Martin² View Post
    Yay! It has returned! *hugs Skeetendo* Not really

    Anyway, I am really happy to see this hack alive again. It wasn't you who originally started thias hack, right? I even played a beta of it. It was sooo funny to see all rumors we produced (my classmate told me that there was a special code to unlock whole new game in Pokémon Blue, called Pokémon Orange Islands and he told me that when I figure it out, it can be even Slovak :D)

    So, keep it up dude, and hope you will include some beta GSC Pokémon, that can be also considered as a rumor, it was rumored that it will be in the game... :D

    Well we actually did start it, then we stopped, for a reason I myself cannot remember Then someone named Liquinn took over, kind of killed it and it was gone. We looked back at an old copy of it and released "wow, how horribly done that was, glad we improved." and decided to put our other hack on hiatus (so we can restart) and bring this back.

    The whole new game thing I really doubt could be done XD We'll try to include some Beta GSC stuff, we had this plan originally a while back.

    Originally Posted by dragonhacker View Post
    nice to see youre back and runing with a new rom hack i really like youre projects good luck with it.
    Thanks a lot!

    Originally Posted by AntiRellik View Post
    I tested this hack :D (I'ma beta tester XD)
    It's pretty neat.
    Lot of stuff going to be re-scripted. This is one awesome hack I'm really going to play.

    Anyways, thanks for the support people! This keeps us motivated to keep working!
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