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    Originally Posted by zeikku SSJ7 View Post
    good luck on this game, looks awsome keep up the great work =D

    Originally Posted by Martin² View Post
    Skeetendo, you're officially my friend now, if you don't mind of course :D

    And I think many people have read CBM's thread and want to show that they support equality GBA=GBC. And you can easily notice that these replies are more mature that those noobish replies in many GBA hack threads I really like this game and look forward to it. Shame that Liquinn killed the game xD. I remember him, he was later booted out....

    I don't mind!

    Yeah, I've noticed as well XD

    Originally Posted by zel View Post
    Ha, welcome back Skeetendo! Nice to see your project(s) around here. I guess you are working on Secrets and Rumors now (I remember that you had another hack), it's looking fine, and I was wondering if you are still needing the help from the people to give you more rumors that they've heard about during all the time? Or maybe you have enough?

    I'll be waiting for more info. For now all I can do is wait intrigued by all those screenshots

    Ah! Another thing, you seem to be working on both regions at once, isnt that a little confusing?
    Yeah we've had a list of a bunch of rumors before, but lost it, and many of the Freewebs sites are closed down or lost now. Any rumors or secrets would be appreciated! Just PM them to us.

    Originally Posted by cooley View Post
    Man, these gold hacks make mine look like nothing!
    This game is really good, I think I have seen it somewhere before? Oh Well.

    Those screenshots make me nervous about waiting for a demo, Man.
    Mist stone? Who will evolve from that? and what's up with the missingno. ? Will it have a Role in this hack?

    Anyways, Drive safely and good luck,
    Thanks. The Mist Stone? Well, you'll have to wait and find out And MissingNo. as of right now, really has no role in the story, other than being a "Pokémon".
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