Thread: FireRed hack: Pokémon Secrets and Rumors
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    Originally Posted by bian View Post
    then how can you catch missingno.?
    You'll have to wait and find out!

    Originally Posted by itman1234 View Post
    i don't know, i like the idea, but why make a red remake on gold?
    Oh well, i guess i'm gonna find out!
    Best of luck, i wonder what the secrets are!
    Why a red remake? Well, this game is Pokémon Red, but with all the secrets and rumors that were spread around during those days, that we can include.

    Originally Posted by Har D Har View Post
    FINALLY!!! This is the hack that got me into hacking. I mean, it was just so much fun! I am glad to see it's comeback. If only Dark Oceans would do the same...
    Haha glad this hack inspired you! That means a lot to us!

    Originally Posted by AntiRellik View Post
    Just be careful of Liquinn
    This guy stole this hack so yeah...
    Thats what they've told me.
    But this is really property of Skeetendo.
    Haha don't worry about it

    Originally Posted by Har D Har View Post
    I hope this means you will be restarting Sterling Silver too, cause I love that one too, it is really inovative.
    We will be in the future, but right now we are doing this to basically... up our skills in hacking, that way we can add neat things into Sterling Silver and make it a great hack, but that doesn't mean this won't be good!

    Originally Posted by DNA View Post
    Mist Stone??? Isn't that for evolving... Blastoise, Venusaur and Charizard? Into like, Charcoal or Zilla or whatever ? Does this mean you'll have a Venustoise!
    Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't

    Originally Posted by dshayabusa View Post
    This looks like a great idea. I especially like the tiles. The trees look so awesome!

    Ha! I remember Venustoise, this really takes me back to primary school days, I had so much fun talking about these things.
    Thanks a lot. There will be more custom tiles and tiles that you should remember from other places as well.

    Originally Posted by kebbles View Post
    I dont really get into the old 2nd generation hacks...
    Except for Blazichu's.
    But I like the look of this hack.
    I always wondered about that truck in Vermilion City in the S.S Anne Harbour, My friends always said Mew was there but I didnt know how to get it, hopefully that event will be in the game.
    Best of luck, you have my full support!

    We are going to try our best to implement that rumor. I mean, it's one of the most famous

    Glad we have all your support!

    Anyways, here are a few screenshots just to show off how much this resembles Pokémon Red and all the nice scripting Mateo has done!

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