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    All right, I just posted my second post in the search for Glaciatrum. *still can't get over the wolf after wolf joke* You'll all find other interesting conflicts with the legendaries, including Gryphice vanishing from his battle with Brad, Auroracle finding Polargent (wherever it is), Lupin's Umbreon and Absol entering Mt. Silver, and Lupin himself spotting Qingrila. (Note that Qingrila is also trying to find Glaciatrum.)

    I also started to describe the three Alakazam protecting Primaverde. They are:

    Sundiata--Supposedly the smartest of the three and also sort of the leader. He's a little taller than the average Alakazam, and is a light gold in colour whereas his chest, forearms, etc. look to be made of gold. Currently he's wherever Toxadacia is.
    Sumanguru--Often is viewed as a pawn to Sundiata, and supposedly the dumbest of the three. Well, he isn't extremely dumb, still being an Alakazam. And he's noted for his hippie-ish speech. Not to mention he's viewed as the pretty boy of the group, a rich caramel colour with flashy long black whiskers. He's supposed to be with Darthpsych, but count on him to go aloof and be sidetracked... Currently he's with Gryphice on Mt. Coronet--he'll deal with him for a while before finally remembering to look for Darthpsych.
    Circe--There are not many female Alakazam, but Circe is one. She's the more mild and quiet one, but she doesn't try to dominate or goof off like her male counterparts. She's an odd-looking pink in colour, much like the colour Cherubi used to be. Anyways, she's currently riding on Isix around the top of Mt. Silver, so any moment now she and Isix might be spotted by Brad and Masteghost...

    My Character Radar
    Lupin is on a grass-covered ledge on the southeastern side of Mt. Silver--one with one of Primaverde's Frutai Trees on it.
    Primaverde is in the icy chamber of Mt. Silver that Auroracle usually inhabits. Brr, it must be cold there!
    Auroracle is... wherever Polargent is.
    Qingrila is in the cavern of Mt. Silver directly above Auroracle's, scared out of its wits.
    Isix is circling around the top of Mt. Silver, having just spotted Brad.
    Gryphice is at the top of Mt. Coronet, quite possibly in a staring contest with Sumanguru.
    *Sundiata is... wherever Toxadacia is.
    *Sumanguru is at the top of Mt. Coronet, quite possibly in a staring contest with Gryphice.
    *Circe is riding on Isix in her circle around Mt. Silver. She, though, has not spotted Brad yet.
    *Alice and Scout, two of Lupin's Pokemon, have just entered a narrow tunnel leading into the interior of Mt. Silver. They have left Lupin to wander off on their own for a while.

    ^^By the way, I named the three Alakazam after three sorcerors or enchantresses of Middle Eastern or Greek epics or folklore. In a previous RPG, I made them all male and identical-looking, and they were named Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. Haven't they improved since then? ^_^'

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