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Restarted LG yesterday and have been playing it all day(except for when I had to do Algebra ).
Soo lets see...:
-Started at Route 1 with Squirtle L:11, Pidgey L:3 and Ratatta L:2
-Trained for ever and got Squirtle and Pidgey to L:12
-Caught a L:4 Mankey
-Faced Vince(Gary) near Victory Road w/L: 12 Squirtle/Pidgey and L:7 Mankey
-Trained a little more and went into Viridian Forest (Dropped Ratatta off in PC)
-Caught L:3 Caterpie
-Trained it to L:5 then dropped it off in PC
-Got out of Viridian Forest and trained Squirtle/Pidgey to L:14 and Mankey to L:12
-Beat Brock
-Squirtle evolved
-Trained all the way up to Mt. Moon
-Pidgey evolved
-Went through Mt. Moon w/L:20 Wartortle/Pidgeotto and L:18 Mankey
-Beat Vince(again)
-Trained to L:22 Wartortle/Pidgeotto and L:20 Mankey
-Met Bill(such a nice guy)
-Beat the two trainers in Misty's Gym
-I am in the process of training Pidgeotto to L:24, Wartortle to L:24 and Mankey to L:23(so it doesn't get too far behind)
"I accidently my Typhlosion. Is this bad?"
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