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Not much has happened since my last post but oh well:
-Beat Misty with bite from my Wartortle
-Went to Vermillion
-Got the bike voucher, then the bike
-Traded for Farfetch'd *cough* HM slave *cough*
-Caught a lvl 17 Diglett
-Went aboard the S.S. Anne
-Beat Vince easily, got HM01 (Cut)
-Mankey evolved
-Beat al of the trainers in Surge's Gym
-Current Team: Wartortle L:29 (needs to be 30), Pidgeotto L:28 (also needs to be 30), Primeape L:28 (doesn't really need to be, but I want it at 29), Diglett L:24 (really needs to be at LEAST 26).
Currently training for Surge and Rock Tunnel
"I accidently my Typhlosion. Is this bad?"
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