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    This is the story for my Fire Red hack, Royal Purple.

    You start off in your room in Ramme Town, in the region of Annohis. You go downstairs at which point you are reminded Professor Oak is supposed to be giving you a Pokémon. You rush over to his lab to be told that he has just given away his last Pokémon to his grandson. He advises you to ask the village's elder, Damuk, for a Pokémon. You go to Damuk's house where you are given your starter, a Slowking. You set off from Ramme Town to take the Annohis Elder Quest, but get entangled in the plots of Organisation Frozen Shadow (OFS), who's mysterious leader Spenser wants to claim the legendary King's Rock for himself in order to crown himself King of Annohis. In the course of finding the location of the King's Rock before Spenser, you must defeat the Six High Elders of Annohis, Dapek, Damuk, Damor, Dakom, Dabeb, Dacho and Dacha. With each victory you are given one of the seven keys to the King's Rock Chamber. Finally you are forced to concede the keys to Spenser when he threatens Annohis's King Mortimer. Later, you battle Spenser at his base and get the keys back. Then you must battle the greatest of the great. The final person in the Annohis Elder Quest, King Mortimer himself.

    (Yes, Spenser as in the Frontier Brain)