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    Originally Posted by Commander_Latios View Post
    for me, the saddest episode was pikachu's goodbye. it just always mad me so sad to see it.

    movie-wise, i used to say the first movie. Until I discovered my sadistic side. now I laugh my butt off and say "quick! Grab ash and we can use him as a nice statue for our garden." Now i'd say it's a tie between movie 5 (poor latios. Why did he have to die? *sniffle*) and movie 8 (Because lucario Died). I can't really say movie 10 because darkrai came back. And defnitely not movie nine, i was glad when it ended.
    If you watch the credits, Lucario and Aaron are walking towards the castle with chocolate. At least I think it was the castle. I can't remember, it's been a while.