Thread: FireRed hack: Pokémon Secrets and Rumors
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Hello. How are things going..? :D
Reading through the previous posts made me remember the rumors in PKMN Gold and Silver that a mysterious PKMN lurks around the game tht when you encountr that PKMN, your game will crash and will never be playable again...

Scared me and made me not to play my Gold again. xD
ANyways, the PKMN was named 'Hydrafarig', the evolution of Girafarig... Rumors around here in my neighborhood said that Hydrafarig is colored ligt green, dark green and dark yellow... And then it's neck was so long that it won't fit the screen, and it's tail is the one facin the PLAYER with a big evil smile... :\
They said that it can be encountered anywhere in the game... In houses, grass, cave, and surfing... When it's ready to meet you, your done for. :\

Just sharing the silly rumors around.

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