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    Ok, as the second founding member and lead programmer of JEPE, I decided to answer some questions too.

    Er.. couldn't you just release a JAR file for other platforms? Java doesn't need to be recompiled. I'm also wondering what you'll use to distribute. We're using Java Web Start for now.
    I don't really know why Bonzai's saying we've got compiling problems, I can't recall having them once. I did compile one demo for java 1.6 once, instead of 1.5, but that's about the biggest compiling problem I've ever got. We haven't made any jars for now, but simple bash scripts to start the game. In the future, executables for windows and jars for other platforms will be available, though I don't know if we'll be using Java Web Start since linux's got problems with that.

    Also, you should be able to implement a resizable game (and I don't mean doubling up your pixels) if you're using Swing/AWT. Just make your interface elements reposition when the window resizes. I'm not sure how you're implementing scrolling maps, so I can't comment on it. We have offsets that are added to the map X and Y; they're added and subtracted along with the player position.
    True, but we don't want that to happen. Currently you can specify the window width & height when starting the game however,

    We're using the Tiled mapping format, which is XML-wrapped, but uses Base64 for tile data. Nice and space-efficient. It also has an existing map editor, which is a definite plus, as well as the ability to export back into pure XML if needed.
    Now this is something interesting. I wish I'd heard of this before. I'd like to use this format too, but I don't think it's worth the effort. After all, there's still a lot missing in the editor, using this format would mean a big rewrite of the engine and some change to the format to add things like our actionTiles.

    As for why we're using XML: listen to Bonzai. The first version used 2-dimensional arrays, but that's not something you can write by hand easily, so I thought XML would be better.

    @Zerro: great! Thanks man. The best way to help us is to help us with writing the engine, or to submit ideas for file formats to manage the pokémon data, item data, move data and ability data. I'm currently working on finishing the mapping language now, so other people can start mapping, write editors and help me with the parser. If you'd like to write the specs for another file format, it would be nice to do it in a similar way. Unfinished documents can be found here: h ttp:// (remove the space)
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