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    I heard of a GSC rumor...

    When you catch all 26 Unown and have 6 in your party and 20 in a box, you're supposed to find a super Unown thing that's really just a cluster of Unown like how u see them in the movie.

    anyway, if ur not putting GSC rumors in, i know several rby ones:

    1) Magikarp learns surf @ lv 100. Maybe you could have it learn surf SLIGHTLY earlier, say lv 30-ish? No one wan't to keep it a Magikarp anyways :P
    2) You can get Pikablu by talking to Bill 200 times in a row. How about making it like 50 times?
    3) Bill's secret garden. über-pokés. Mew is there supposedly.
    4) Beat the l33t 4 and Oak will give you Togepi.
    5) Use itemfinder and find "Lost Note" in the Unknown Dungeon. Then keep it in your item pocket and talk to one of the trading guys on Cinnabar. He'll trade you the über-secret FLARETH for a lv 100 Rhydon.
    6) Beat the l33t 4 50 times with Mewtwo and it will become Mewthree.
    7) "Pikachan" is a green pikachu-ish thing that you encounter similar to the legendary dogs/[email protected]/Mesprit
    8) If you take a lv 100 Venusaur and a lv 100 Blastoise to Bill, he will put them in the teleporter and give you a lv 100 Venustoise.
    9) When you complete the pokédex (150), the programmer in Celadon tower gives you a lv 5 Mew.
    10) Chrysaliss. (looks like a blue Porygon. no type.)
    11) Doomsday. (ghost type. looks like several claws and stuff. idk.)

    that's all i got
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