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    Pokémon Amethyst

    General Information

    Pokémon Amethyst is a game made with RPG Maker XP, using poccil's amazing Pokémon Essentials.
    I, the game's creator, am a decent spriter, scripter and mapper, as you should be able to see from the screens.
    It is set in the brand-new Shika region, which is located east of Hoenn, and west of Johto.
    It will feature all 493 existing Pokémon, as well as around 150 new ones.
    It is made in Advance style due to the limitations of RMXP (no 3D), but features improved graphics over the GBA games (see the battle screenshot).
    Also, unlike most Essentials games, it will feature a full Diamond/Pearl battle system! Yes, Amethyst will feature all the new Diamond and Pearl attacks, items and abilities! It will also have many new items, moves and abilities exclusive to this game!


    Sinnoh Myth

    In the beginning, there was the void.
    From the void emerged the Original One.
    It spawned two creatures, the Creators.
    Individually, the Creators made time and space.
    However, the new universe seemed empty.
    So from the Creators' power combined was born the Life Giver.
    The Life Giver created hundreds of different living beings.
    But it still was not satisfied.
    So it molded the Beings of the Spirit into its own image.
    They were: the Being of Wisdom, the Being of Willpower, and the Being of Emotion.
    Thus, all life was imbued with spirit and personality.

    Many thousands of years passed.

    Legend of Shika

    The land of Shika became home to three nations: the Nations of Wisdom, Willpower and Emotion.
    These three nations thrived, worshipping the Beings of the Spirit.
    However, there was unrest.
    The People of Wisdom were greedy for knowledge. The People of Willpower were rash, and easily aggravated. The People of Emotion shunned outsiders, staying in a close-knit community.
    Disasters started to happen.
    The People of Wisdom were deceived and their ruler became corrupted under a malevolent force.
    The People of Willpower fell into a bloody war, guided by an unseen hand.
    The People of Emotion were struck down by a disease, spreading among their packed towns like wildfire.
    Then, the Original One learned of the catastrophe.
    It saw the cause was three Shadow Beasts, which were not spawned from the Life Giver.
    The Shadow Beasts were the manifestation of mankind's sins.
    So the Original One gave life to the Celestial Guard.
    The power of the Celestial Guard sealed the Shadow Beasts away, seemingly for eternity. However, the power of the Celestial Guard was drained too, so it fell into an endless slumber.

    That is the mythology of the Shika Region.

    Main Story

    The story of Amethyst starts similarly to the original games: you, as a young Trainer-to-be, live in Hazelet Town, a quiet town in the Shika region. You are woken by your best friend to collect your first Pokémon from the Pokémon Professor, Prof. Maple. However, Maple is nowhere to be seen! A quick search reveals that she has been ambushed by a mysterious duo, on Route 47!
    Your friend helps you defeat the strangers with Professor Maple's Pokémon, and Maple gives you them as a sign of gratitude. But there is a condition. Maple sends you on a quest to visit her colleague Arturo, one of the leading scientists in the deeply-forested Shika region. It turns out that the Necros grunts, who had attacked her earlier, were after some research she had luckily given to Arturo to examine! Your quest: collect these documents. Sounds simple, doesn't it? But little does anyone know that the mysterious Necros Organization are on the move, and after a special prize!
    Necros have learned of the Legend of Shika, and are attempting to resurrect the Shadow Beasts. But to what ends? The fate of the land rests with a group of young trainers, of which the player is part of! But will they be strong enough to defeat the organization? Or will the land of Shika fall into ruin?

    The Land of Shika

    The region of Shika, as it appears in the PokéComm.

    The enlarged map which appears when you zoom in.

    I will be announcing the names and details of places leading up to the demo.

    Hazelet Town

    A small town situated in south Shika, it is home to the hero, as well as the renowned Professor Maple. The northern exit of the town brings you to Hazelet Woods.

    Hazelet Woods

    A short, forested path leading north from Hazelet. The east side of the woods houses a winding maze, rumoured to be home to a rare and powerful Pokémon. However, two stout trees stubbornly block the path.

    Wetherill Woods (West)

    A route cutting through the dense outskirts of the largest forest in the region. The path extends east as far as the eye can see - however, your destination is to the north-west, making the path much more manageable.

    Wetherill Woods (Central)

    The central section of Wetherill Woods. A large hill dominates the landscape; however, its influence is greater than just that. Rainclouds from the sea in the west are unable to pass the hill, making the area to the west often covered in rain, while keeping the beach to the east sunny.

    Rainglade Town

    A remote town, surrounded by verdant forests. It is entirely forgettable, save for one thing; it is the home of the Pokémon Academy, useful for young trainers to hone their skills. The most successful students will eventually have the chance to enroll in the prestigious Pokémon Trainers' University, on the mainland far north of Rainglade.

    Everbloom Path

    A long path winding through the rainforest. It is named after a plant which flowers all-year round; this plant forms huge, impenetrable mounds which force travellers to take a winding path. It will be a challenge to get through this route in the game, as it is one of the longer routes the player will face at the start of their journey. A rope bridge crosses a wide river at the north of the route.

    Lushade City

    The first large city visited by the player. It is surrounded by rainforest on the south and east sides, with a beach providing sea access at the north-west. Its unique location and proximity to the rainforest have made it the scientific hub of the region; as such, the huge Lushade Science Institute looms over the city. Trainers visiting the city are in for a treat; it is the location of Shika's first League Gym. But where could it be?

    The Team

    Pokémon Spriters: Nopie, PapaLuLu27, Legacy Raider, Bakuphoon, Houndoomed, KageX and The Smell have contributed sprites so far. I have also asked Headpunch to critique my sprites, as we all want the game to be perfect!
    Other Spriters: Esmas is doing some OWs for the game, and has also expressed interest in doing other sprites.
    Musicians: In the first demo, I will probably be using the D/P music, as well as some themes by Umar Arar (3DoOrSdOwN). However, Lorem Ipsum has volunteered to create music.
    Designers: Hoppy, Blu, Phoenixsong and Caladbolg have been contributing to the Pokémon design process.
    Other: Aldaron is helping with the competitive aspect of the new Pokémon.
    Ideas: Pretty much half the people in this thread :P

    I am also filling those roles myself, as well as the other jobs not mentioned such as scripting and mapping.


    The Shika region features many Pokémon endemic to its shores. I will be updating this list whenever I decide to release a new Pokémon, but these should tide you over for now:

    The Starters
    Official Art
    Dipleaf Type: Grass
    Seed Dino Pokémon
    It absorbs sunlight using its tail so the buds on its back can begin to grow. Long ago, this Pokémon is believed to have had a longer neck than now.

    Official Art
    Ignicub Type: Fire
    Young Bear Pokémon
    The fur on its neck takes the appearance of glowing flames. Its skin secretes a flammable substance, allowing it to startle enemies with flames and get away.

    Official Art
    Axolitl Type: Water
    Amphibian Pokémon
    A Pokémon that can survive both on land and in the water. It prefers freshwater to saltwater, since the water in its body will start to diffuse out in saltwater.

    Bushby Type: Normal
    Infant Pokémon
    Bushby is one of the most playful species of Pokémon in existence. It enjoys wildly swinging through the forest with its long arms. Its tail isn't developed yet.

    Chacaw Type: Normal/Flying
    Maestro Pokémon
    It lives deep in the jungle. Once a month, it gathers with others to sing. Its tails allow it to perfectly keep track of up to 3 rhythms at once by swaying from side to side.

    Argaze Type: Bug/Flying
    Staring Pokémon
    When it makes eye contact, it will continue staring at its victim until he or she flees in terror. The eye-like pattern on its wings is rumoured to give it strange powers.

    Wichu Type: Normal
    Float Mouse Pokémon
    It is an unusual Pokémon with the ability to float in the sky like a cloud. In the evenings, large groups of them can sometimes be seen flying overhead.


    A screen from the title sequence.

    The trainer card layout. It is in fact reversible, showing the trainer's party Pokémon on the back.

    The new Pokédex layout, similar to the one in R/S/E.

    An example of a Pokémon Summary screen.

    An example battle screenshot.

    Fight! "What will Dipleaf do?"

    A bright Flash lights up the area!

    Click to view image!
    A short animation showing the new menu system, as well as easy switching of Pokémon. The icons are placeholders for now.

    Click to view image!
    The Pokédex screen, showing some of the different pages of the Pokédex, as well as its general appearance.

    Click to view image!
    No Pokémon game is complete without the slots at the Game Corner, despite what Nintendo of Europe thinks.

    DISCLAIMER: All screenshots shown are from a version of the game in development. This means that the may depict features which will be changed in the actual game.

    Help Needed

    Well, I can't do all of this alone.
    OK, maybe I can. But I still would rather have a few helpers :D.
    I need:
    Ideas. Very important. For moves, abilities and items. All suggestions will be considered.
    A musician. I'm not that good at making Pokémon-style music, so if anyone has any experience with making town, route or battle music, feel free to help out.
    Spriters. To help sprite out the DP Pokémon in Advance style (because DP sprites use different shading and colours). The sprites must be 64x64, and 100% scratch, like this (thanks to Nopie for the sprite):

    Anyone who helps will receive a mystery gift, and depending on the amount, an NPC in the game too.


    Here, I give thanks to all who help me.
    Most importantly, poccil, for making such an amazing starter kit and helping me when I got stuck with the scripts!
    Flameguru/Harshboy, for providing the foundations of the starter kit!
    Houndoomed, for the awesome map tutorial!
    Kyledove, for the basis of my tiles and a few of his tiles too!
    Hoppy (a real-life friend), for working with me to design Pokémon!
    And last but not least, the rest of my real-life friends for supporting me with making this game!
    Let me know if you think you should be on this list.

    Support Amethyst!

    A userbar I made.

    The counterpart to the above userbar :D

    A pair of userbars featuring Fatablos, the Deathbringer Pokémon.


    Starter userbars:



    I'm going to be updating these too, with the new sprites.

    By the way, if you haven't already, get yourself a DS and Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum. You'll enjoy it.