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Sorry guys...l still in Physical therapy... it does take a lot out of me... like I said in the PM toto, I may be on only like once a week... I'm really sorry guys, and I really want to be here... if I am gone for more than 3 days, someone can take over Essie if they want to, I give permission. First come, first serve though, I don't want her doing a million conflicting things at once. So... again, I'm really, REALLY sorry. And I do wanna be here!!! =^-^=

Ok if anyone wants my real name, its Renee'. I just don't like being called Armada ALL the time. lol

I'm a Eevee/Jolteon/Flareon/Vaporeon/Umbreon/Espeon/Leafeon/Glaceon-aholic. Beat that annoying Collectors from the games. Booyah.

But this is my RP trainer.